Blessed Are The Weird People

wpid-IMG_23632253907185.jpegSo inspired by others. People never cease to amaze me with their uniqueness, curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm for what they are passionate about.

I love the experience of witnessing someone’s eye’s light up. There are just some basic human behaviors that are so beautiful. Each of us are so amazing in our own way. Our spirit shines when we allow it.

We are blessed with an innate artist quality, all of us. It’s that we create the life that we live every second. Every word we speak is magic. Our perception of our experience is only true because we believe it, and we can change that perception at will.

Through our expression of any kind we are artists. We tell a story with our emotions. We love, we laugh, we cry, we hope, and we have faith. We are so humble and at the same time outstandingly strong. Our will drives our dreams and our souls sing through every wavelength.

Such beauty and grace we possess… and also such darkness. We are our own worst enemies. We sadly carry our own demons. We are an enchanting creature truly.

We are a blessing.

We are the Muse.

                                     Michelle René

8 thoughts on “Blessed Are The Weird People”

      1. Some people mock ‘Pollyanna’, you know how she saw the world through rose coloured glasses. But I love that book, and was pleased to see a neuroscientist recommend the novel. Ooh, I feel a post coming on!

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