Sketch of Kenny


Wasn’t sure this one even looked okay until after I walked away from it for awhile.
I was just intently sketching for an hour and when I decided to take a breather my eyes must have been bleary because the whole sketch looked horrible. I used a different method than normal. Not on purpose, I guess my technique just isn’t well refined or I haven’t found my true ‘style’ yet.
I’m happy with the sketch now that I look at it. I really like his expression….wonder what he’s day dreaming about 🙂

by Michelle Rene Goodhew

4 thoughts on “Sketch of Kenny”

  1. Really like this Michelle and sincerely appreciate you sharing your thought process. I hit that, this whole thing looks bad, several times a day with my writing. 🙂 I think that one key to development is not so much outgrowing those moments, but learning to accept them as part of the process.


    1. I have decided to take that necessary break after working on all of my art pieces from here out. I am horribly critical of my own work when I’ve been intensely focused for a while. My eyes just bug out and I really need to shift my focus before making a judgment that could result in me screwing the whole thing up.
      On some of my work I had the forthought to take photographs of my process. I have ruined some of them by overthinking etc. The photos are helping me discover a lot about the way put my ideas together. What works and what doesn’t.
      Thanks so much for your comment 🙂


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