New Illustration Project

New Illustration Project

Doing sketches for the cover of the  sequel to “Arafura”  by Susan Lattwein.

Sketching the Ship
Sketching the Ship


This is my initial sketch for the cover which I will be doing in pastels. I am wanting to use some prety bright and bold colors that I think will make this cover just fantastic.

Color Palette
Color Palette










arafura-cover2V2Arafura (Romance)

 by Susan Lattwein.

Darwin schoolteacher Kat is planning to marry when her long-term fiancé finds the time. When the magnetic and troubled Adam arrives in town, Kat’s predictable life begins to unravel. Now she must wrestle with the pull of instant attraction complicated by post traumatic stress, loyalty and a dead body. This original love story takes the reader on an evocative journey exploring our self-imposed limits, desire for intimacy and more……












7 thoughts on “New Illustration Project”

    1. Hi Susan. Thank you! I am honored to be working with you, this illustration is already coming to life. Its surprising me how bold its becoming. These colors are working well.


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