Color Splash – Illustration Update

Illustration Update

What do you think so far?

This is how far I am on Susan Lattwein’s cover illustration for her new book “Arafura – Unfinished Business”.  It’s the sequel to her debut novel “Arafura – Blood, ‘The Wet’ and Tears”.

Check out Susan’s blog: 

Putting in a good word…..

I love the energy in Susan’s writing and thats what inspired me to go with these bold colors.  I think the deep, rich colors give an imposing impression while being soft enough to suggest the air of romance in the story.

The dark sketched lines will eventually meld in with the ship as I finish painting it. I plan on having all the colors reflecting off the warship.

In any case I think it’s coming along nicely, still tons more work to do on the ship though.


arafura-cover2V2“Arafura – Blood, ‘The Wet’ and Tears”


Arafura is about love and its complications. It’s about students at the thin end of education, PTSD, and about conflict on a larger scale, where a bit more love and understanding couldn’t hurt. 
–  author Susan Lattwein


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