You Should Do It –


I would become an entrepreneur and start a publishing house. I would love to market books and publications all over the globe and meet new people.

I would have a flat in Australia, London, and also in the Mediterranean. I would be in heaven if I could  put this plan together. I would still spend a good amount of time at home in the Pacific Northwest to be near both my mom and my daughter, they are angels in my life.

I would illustrate and write too, work on my graphic novel which is a larger endeavor than I thought.

I am starting to plan. I am making the most of the time that I have free to brainstorm and research. I have a great passion for doing art, for books, and for people. I would love to learn of new places that would whisper to my wanderlust and just soak up all that I can in this short existence.

I am networking and asking questions, hoping I will make the best decisions toward my goal. Trusting that I will meet up with the right people who I can learn

by Michelle Rene Goodhew

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