From dragons to warships, from fairies to androids – thanks to a talented artist.

Thanks so much for all your kind words author Susan Lattwein 🙂

Susan Lattwein

In this post I’d like to thank the imaginative, talented, patient woman who designed the covers to my two novels, Michelle Rene Goodhew.

michelle renee 11 Photo credit: Michelle Rene Goodhew

I also love the covers Michelle Rene created for other books and am in love with this little fellow in particular –

Michelle rene dragon Image credit: Michelle Rene Goodhew

It’s not easy explaining what you want on a cover when you’re not sure yourself, let alone to someone on the other side of the earth, via email and not over a cup of coffee with the advantage of waving your arms around to get your point across …

The founder of Smashwords, Mark Coker, suggested imagining your cover with all the words removed, then asking – is there a question in the cover image the reader wants an answer to? I thought that was really helpful advice (I’ve discovered anything Mark says is helpful!…

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