Building a Book Trailer on a Shoestring Budget (pt 1)

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It’s Painful, and It’s Ugly


Hello, and thanks for letting me present how I build my book trailers. Some people can get lucky, and know what they want in their trailer right out of the box. Others, like myself, have to wait until after a book is finished (or at least the rough draft is finished) to know what needs to be included.

There are a multitude of steps for this, and the early stages can feel quite painful to work through. Don’t worry. As the project gets close to completion, that painfully ugly duckling you thought would never grow up will begin to fledge into a wonderful creation. There are a few basic skills you will need to have before you attempt this on your own:

  1. Know where to find good royalty free images, or be able to draw with a good camera/lighting for your slides

  2. Know the tone…

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