Author Marketing – How to Create Posts for Twitter That Sell Your Book

twitter-wallpapers (1)Tweets are made up of different parts. Every tweet should have a hook – the tweet body, but you can also add other things to them to make them more effective. Things like hashtags, pictures, links, handles, etc. Not every tweet has to have each of them, in fact, it’s best to mix them up, but they all help your tweet become more effective.

Let’s look at some of them a little bit closer.

Here is a site that offers a free twitter ecourse:

The Hook

The most important part of your tweet is your hook. This is the main text of your tweet that catches the reader’s attention. It might be a call to action, a review snippet, a question, etc.

The best tweets are ones that people can respond to in some way – physically or emotionally.

An effective book tweet, should have a link that they can physically click. You can write other Tweets that don’t, but if you are promoting your book, you should have a link to it in some way (e.g. sales page, website, a review, etc.) Even if your tweet is a quote, it should be followed by a link.

Links do take 22 characters (regardless of their original length), so you’ll need to shorten the rest of your hook accordingly.

Here are a few examples of hook phrases:

  • Discover #epicfantasy adventure on the book page for my #fantasy trilogy the Rise of the Fifth Order!

Hashtags and Twitter Handles

Hashtags are like keywords or phrases on Twitter. They can help your tweet gain more exposure. Here are several lists of hashtags that you can use.

  1. One for your niche


  1. One for authors

#ASMSG #IARTG #IAN1 #Bookboost

  1. One for the customer

#whattoread #bookworm #RRBC #FridayReads #amreading

The general rule is that you don’t want to add more than 3 hashtags to a tweet and you always want to make sure they are relevant.

If we took the same 5 tweets from above and added hashtags, they might look like this:

  • One epic fantasy adventure that will leave you wanting more. #RRBC #Bookboost #IARTG
  • Coffee & an epicfantasy series; what more could you want? #Fantasy #ASMSG #FridayReads
  • Would you protect a girl whose forbidden abilities condemn her to death? #epicfantasy Rule of Fire! #fantasy
  • Discover #epicfantasy adventure on the book page for my #fantasy trilogy the Rise of the Fifth Order! #amreading

As you can see, hashtags can be used within your hook or added at the end.

Twitter Handles are sometimes used like hashtags, but they really shouldn’t be. Hashtags are keywords where Twitter handles are people. They are two different things.

When mentioning other Twitter users in your tweets, you have to make sure you’re not being spammy. I generally only tag someone who is directly related to the tweet – e.g. they wrote the review, blog post, or book I’m linking to.

Twitter Pics

Twitter pictures are a great way to get more visibility for your tweet. When you’re scrolling down your feed, they just jump out at you. Instead of seeing a small tweet, you get a picture:

Michelle Rene on Twitter   Is Elizabet strong enough to do what has to be done  US http 6pfrhMPLVA  IARTG  scifi  amreading http MX05cSNM3C

Michelle Rene on Twitter   Elizabet is in for the fight of her life in this surprising  scifi  thriller http PjH6gpQbDG  bookworm  IARTG http 0jYUpypANd

They are also displayed on your profile on the left hand side for even more exposure:

Michelle Rene   MichelleRene00    Twitter

The photos above are from my reader account, @MichelleRene00

  •  To add a picture, simply click the camera button underneath the tweet box:

The only warning I have when it comes to adding pictures, is simply to note that in the main Twitter stream, the photos are rectangular, while on your profile they are square. So you can see how some of ours are cut off.

To prevent that, it’s recommended that all of your pictures are sized at 375 x 375 pixels. The Twitter feed will display up to 435 x 375 pixels, cropping anything larger to fit that size – viewers can see the whole thing when they click on it or visit your gallery. The 375 x 375 will be automatically reduced to the 90 x 90 displayed on your profile, anything else will be reduced and cropped. So, just something to consider.

Still not sure what to tweet? Outsource it!

Want to learn more about outsourcing your social media? This presentation will take you through how to do that while maintaining ownership over the pieces that you need to in order to maintain an authentic expression of self.

Best Twitter Directories to Submit your Twitter Profile



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