The Best Book Marketing Strategies

Nicholas C. Rossis

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I was following the other day a conversation on the best book marketing strategies on LinkedIn. Authors Trish LeSage and Simon Denman, among others, shared some valuable insight, which I think interests us all. The conclusions of the conversation can be summed up as follows:

  • Blog, writing helpful and useful material. When you post them on Facebook groups, add a copyright notice at the bottom with a back link. If you write your posts like magazine articles, you can also submit them to print magazines and ezines (digital magazines).
  • Get published in ezines (online magazines) and magazines. Search Google for “ezine” or “magazine” and the subject of your books. You could also go to yor local bookstore and browse through the magazine racks, writing down the names of magazines that may publish your articles. Then look up their websites online and submit your articles to them.

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