Calls For Submissions | The Review Review

Great Post About Paid Writing Opportunities by KD Rose. Be sure to have a look at the books she has written, she’s a great author 🙂


Calls For Submissions | The Review Review.

ABSTRACTS ARE INVITED for a collection highlighting the failures of the university tenure procedure, a process now often used to get rid of faculty who challenge institutional incompetence. We are looking for essays about college teachers who were denied tenure when personal agenda overrode fair evaluation of teaching and professional accomplishments. Narratives should contextualize flawed tenure decisions within historic or cultural shifts. Submit a 500-word abstract and bio to tenureabuseanthologyATgmailDOTcom by 6/1/15. Learn more:


ANTHOLOGY CALL FOR STILL TANGLED UP IN YOU, by non-heterosexual women and former women writing about their fathers. Send your funny, tragic, well-crafted, offbeat, sweet, sad, bone-deep honest stories and poems, because his role-model position is rich and fraught and unexplored, and because just maybe some dads will read and see what they mean to their little girls who might not quite fit the image of…

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