“The Sisterhood of the World” blog award.

Congratulations to Sue Vincent for “The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award” A truly talented writer 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I don’t usually participate in blog awards. These days I never seem to get the time! And I hate having to choose just a few to share with! But this one was both a surprise and an honour. This was the first such award given to Prasna at Art2Peace and she kindly nominated me for “The Sisterhood of the World”  blog award. Thank you!

Gentlemen, I am sorry… you are not sisters… though many of you support the ladies of the blogosphere so well, I am tempted to include you, I have to say…. 🙂


1. Why do you have a Blog?
It began just to see if I could work out the technology. I posted a couple of things then left it for a year. Twelve months later, I began writing about my son’s journey through acquired brain injury… then the Silent Eye was born and I needed to…

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