Writers – Harness Your Media Presence

Social-Media-LogosSTOP Before You START

T copyJumping into the social and networking scene before you have a real sense of direction could foul you up in your future marketing efforts. The time to pause is NOW.

Get out your notebook and start brainstorming before you start-up any new networking identities.

  • List the social networks you will be doing business on
  • List other sites that will help you to market your product
  • What is your objective
  • Who is your target market
  • Who do you admire that shares your craft, who will be your role modelsP copy
  • What are the possible benefits of your undertaking, what are the drawbacks
  • Why are you inspired to work your craft
  • What are some resources that can benefit you
  • How would you like people to perceive you
  • How much of a commitment are you willing and able to realistically make to your new endeavor

This Hobby Is Now Your BusinessFB copy

You are in this to win. This is your business and if you are sincere in pursuing your passion then now is the time to harness your inner muse and gather your resources.

You Will Benefit From Gathering The Following Information:

What Is Your Business Identity: How do you want the world to know you?

Your business identity is important because it is at the forefront of everything you will present G copyto the public. It is the image that portrays you and the supporting banner image. It is your name. It is your tagline. It is your voice, your personality. It is anything you post or like. All of these things tell the story of you.

What should your audience experience upon first glance? Key words and images will create a response (good, bad or indifferent) from your public. This is your initial chance to shine, to throw your best face forward and hook their attention. Ultimately what you are selling is the product of your talent, there is no longer room for being an introvert. ANYONE can be your customer and you need to be the kind of professional you want to portray at ALL times when dealing with your networks. How you behave and the voice you project will determine whose interest you peek and who becomes a patron of your art.download (4)

What Is Your Talent

Your talent is your passion, your art, and you are about to engage in self-promotion. Its best to know a lot of information regarding your subject matter.  How do you go about perfecting your craft, where are your weaknesses. What are your strengths. What more could you do with your writing to capture the attention of others. Know what you are selling and what pertains to it, it will help you optimize your content and gain a wider audience.


Whether or not you are shy, timid, or just feel uncomfortable about advertising your own book on your social networks, you had better just get over it. You are not going to sell dribble without networking, promoting, advertising, and socializing.

What Are Your Key Methods Of Self-PromotionS copy

It can be a little unnerving to anyone to begin to sell what you have crafted simply because most of us don’t like rejection. You will be advertising your wares and there will be several methods of delivery depending upon the network or site you join or blog/website you host. Research people on those sites that inspire you, people that have achieved what it is that you are hoping to achieve. Learn from them, what is working for them. and be prepared to flavor your networking with your personality. People enjoy real people and the majority wish the best for you, they want to know you are approachable.

Who should you connect with, what types of social circles should you follow. It is good to know that you have people out there waiting to encourage and promote you by connecting, liking, sharing, or following what you do.ME copy

How Much Time Can You Set Aside Each Day For Your Craft

You need to set aside time everyday to work your craft. Whats the point in networking something you are not consistently working at. You should make time for several things that relate to your writing and schedule time for them throughout the week. You should write every day, even if its complete garbage, your skills as a writer will improve remarkably by doing just that one thing. You need to keep up with your social media sites, you should really plan your activity on them. know what your keeping an eye out for, new ways to market, what is trending who are your best allies. take the time to devote yourself uninterrupted because networking is an energy burner but very rewarding. Don’t put off what you should do today or you will fall behind and yourGR copy fans may lose interest in you, not what you want when they begin to be your bread and butter. This is where your passion may get fed the most, this and when you are creating.

What Will Be Your Content

What will you share in order to draw a growing audience to your profile?

What I sincerely encourage you to do FIRST is to get really comfortable with imaging copyright laws. Try not to be daunted by this. You should know what will pertain to you as a business entity. Not knowing the law and infringing on copyright is simply not acceptable 500px-Tumblr-Iconperiod. It is also best to ask permission if there are no copyrights attached to content you want to share.

What are some resources that you will require in order to gather that content.

  • You will need good images that are legal for you to share, where will you find them and how much might it cost you. What resources are available for free and what are the exceptions for them (are they for personal use only, and what are the rules when sharing content).
  • Research what you do. If you are a writer then read books in your chosen genre because you will learn from and be inspired by them. Writers read. Read articles on your craft. A good writer knows there is always room for improvement. You never know what may spark your inner muse and inspire that masterpiece.download
  • Your local media or organizations within your community can also be, not just good sources to market your work, but also a source for content to share and relative events to attend or become involved in.
  • Research who you admire, they can be a source of inspiration and guidance that leads to great content.

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