5 thoughts on “About Beta Readers – Connect With Some Here”

  1. Thank you for posting this. 1. I am looking for Beta Readers. I have a small group of writers that may also be interestested and I will forward this to the group. As for now- and I hope I am doing this correct:

    Dash McCallen

    My writing history of genre’s? I am a multi-genre writer. I get challenges from various points of the social compass to try my imagination at some idea or another. My most recent work, a young adult romance, has just finished the first edit after I took a month or three away from it and came back to read. (In a word, blech…). It is my first ‘human to human’ romance.

    Romance. “Married by Mistake” All 59 chapters exist here on WordPress. A college woman has a horrid Friday, beginning with a broken shoe string and no coffee to a somewhat out-of-control binge party and she wakes the next morning in a strange bed wearing a wedding ring and no memory of what happened. Or how.

    Sci-fi. “Digital Heart”, a short story set in the near future that with current tech and letting the concept of a ghost in a machine. The protagonist wakes up with more heart than many humans.

    Sci-Fi. Smart Bomb, available on WordPress and finished, except for editing and beta reads. An android with talents and the ability to learn, built by a leader of a church with a multi-megaton bomb in its chest and released into the American society to walk like a human to the capital of the nation.

    Historical Fiction. “Children of Fury” On sale through Amazon, has needs. Sequel is in evolution. Beta readers might be late, but desired to create “Second Edition” with corrections and oversights fixed.

    Horror. “Snowed: The Weekend trip” Short story. Finished second edit on WordPress, looking for beta readers.

    Horror. “Flee” 7 humans struggle to survive in Brisbane in a world gone insane, even by Aussie terms.

    Fantasy: DragonMaster U. Currently in evolution, needs beta readers for some chapters. not yet finished. The protagonists took a nap and vacation.

    Just a few of my works, most of these are completed. DragonMaster U is nearly so. But the players took lunch and did not come back.

    Synopsis of the three that need the most.

    Flee- A mixed tourist group of people are trying to get to Sydney after an apparent, unknown virus turns living people into cannabalistic mindless creatures. With a twist in the end. “Disinformational Spoiler: Military nanobots are so good with peanut-paste.”

    Married by Mistake- One reader demands it must be published. “DIsinformational Spoiler: Singapore has beyond-harsh drug laws.

    Digital Heart- Already published, but mulitiple requests to expand this story into a full novel have been taken to heart. I wish to have beta readers for a sci-fi story where it is the polar opposite of Stephen King’s “Christine”. Get feedback as it grows from 10k words to, maybe, 60-100k.

    dashmccallen [at] gmail [dot] com (to me and tell me your heart!)

    (Okay, play on words. .com to me and tell me your heart)

    Thank you, Michelle for this opportunity.

    And again, I hope I did this in a somewhat correct fashion. ~DM

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  2. My email server rejected your email address, and WP won’t let me sign in to your WP website using my own ID. > insert swear words here <

    Name: Vincent Berg
    Writing Experience: 10 books, independently published
    Genre: Sci-fi, though I'm currently polishing a mystery/detective story.
    Email: vincentberg[at]vincentberg[dot]net

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