About Writing…

How often do you write?

We all want to improve and be the best writers we can be. But talking about writing and planning to write are mostly just methods of procrastination.

Hopefully you are a dedicated writer and set aside time every day that you fill studying your craft through practice.

We all have to work, we all have families, we all have lives to live outside of writing. But using these things as an excuse not to write is not acceptable. The truth is that you could find plenty of time to write, you just keep putting it off. I .know because I did it for years.

Continually putting off the opportunity to write is a choice made, not a consequence of writers block. I don’t believe in writers block, I believe we can write whenever we sit down to write because that’s how it works for me. Writing is work, you have to work at it to improve your skill. Only after countless hours of practice will you become the master you are hoping to be.

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As a writer it’s important that you develop a daily habit of writing.

Make a daily schedule and commit two hours of your time a day to writing. Whether your creating content for your blog, working on your book, or just honing your skill, write. Write even if it reads like crap. It doesn’t matter, you will get better at it. The more time you spend writing the better at it you will become and the more fulfilled you will be.

The more you write, the more you’ll be living your dream. It feels good to work at writing, it feels rewarding to struggle and see what you make of it. When you practice writing every day it becomes a habit, and eventually becomes a practice you are an expert at.

I don’t think most writers care to be famous, they just want to have an impact on someone in some way, to know they made their mark on this world the best they could through their love of words. I think most writers just find pleasure in the act of writing, even when it’s work, and it’s always work. By setting aside a couple of hours in the morning or evening and sitting down to write, your ability to create great work will be that much closer. I don’t think we are ever done honing our craft. I think our writing changes and develops as we develop and change.

About my writing…

I’m not sure how impressive my content will be over the next few weeks, but I will be practicing, and after a time my content will dramatically improve because I have invested my time, effort, and energy. That’s my belief anyway. So I’m joining NANOWRIMO to see if I can get my third book done and promising to deliver content twice a week on my blog. That’s my commitment to my writing for November.

What commitments are you willing to make for your writing in November, or what are some that you have made in the past?


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