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Cover Design & Illustration Process

Two years ago I started illustrating Tykocin for best-selling author Ben Brown. I started out creating characters for the book first and soon had my first concept ready. My first attempt at the main character was not what I had hoped for and I had never drawn a cyborg before and remember being nervous about creating him. I made him too young on the first try and had to go back to the drawing board, litterally…

My original concept…Cover - 05

The original characters…

Eli copy Elizabet 3 copy

Cyborg copy

Nailed the background 🙂 …

IMG_20140114_225655_Anne (2)

Had a few trial and errors…

1Tykocin1 copyA07 Cover Tykocin copy

My second pass was pretty good…

Elizabet Final copy

Elizabet Tykocin copy small

Cyborg Tykocin copy small

and I came up with this …

A03 Cover Tykocin copy

Unfortunately this wasn’t quite the look Ben was going for so I tried a third approach and came up with something a little different that really captured the protagonist…

Thanks to her drug and alcohol dependency, Elisabet Blumenberg’s FBI career has more or less sunk as far as it can; in the space of five years, she’s gone from heading up her own team to the data pool. She’s at rock bottom. Then her neighbor, an aging holocaust survivor, asks for help finding her missing husband. As a favor to the old woman, Elisabet agrees to help…and unearths more than she ever thought possible—a Nazi plot to regain world domination. Her investigation uncovers horrendous experiments and a whole new generation of Nazi monsters…in 21st Century America!

A13 Cover Tykocin copy

Available on Amazon

Tykocin Teaser 03 small

AD ben copy

Ben Brown

About Ben Brown 

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Born in Reading, England, he struggled through school academically. Diagnosed with dyslexia meant being removed from class to attend ‘remedial” lessons. As a child, Ben did not enjoy reading and writing, and left school early to work with his father as a builder. It wasn’t until his mid-twenties that Ben persisted in teaching himself to read — and finally read his first novel.

Ben emigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1990, where he now lives with his wife Michelle and two adult children, Chelsea and Zac. To pass the hours working as a bricklayer, he would think about writing a novel. However, it took many years for him to pluck up the courage to turn his dreams into words. His dyslexia, and informal knowledge of the English language and grammar, made his first book a real challenge. Luckily, he had plenty of people around him to help him on his journey.

His love of scientific facts, futuristic possibilities, and fast-paced action infects his plots and writing style. He thoroughly enjoys pushing himself creatively, which means venturing into many types of storytelling. As a consequence, his catalog is a mixture of sci-fi, speculative and horror fiction. Ben now has a growing number of novels to his name, and he fully intends to expand on that number.

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