An Exciting Cover Reveal


I’ve been reading this book sent to me by new indie author John Kreilkamp and it is AWESOME! I absolutely LOVE it! I’m so glad he found me to design his cover. This book should be out sometime in the first part of 2016, but for now you can follow John on Facebook and catch some of his wonderful artwork.

Johns story keeps me reading and I don’t want to put it down. The scenes with the characters make me feel like I’ve been transported back in time to the seventies and I am right there in the room with them. It plays like a movie in my head, the story is just brilliant really.

I wanted to create a cover that was entirely unique, that would look a little strange, and that would capture the colors of a seventies acid trip. It’s meant to be a bit surreal, like the story of the year in the life of the protagonist.
a collection of selves 02C small
That said, I have come up with an illustration and design with the help of an art piece created by John himself,  ‘A Collection of Selves’ (which I thought was appropriate not only because of the line-work, but because of the name). It really brings balance to the cover overall. Follow John ‘Quantum’ Kreilkamp on Google+.
Paperback 001 copy

In the end it’s a colorful cover that jumps off the page at you and I like it for several reasons:

  • John mentions the many colors he see’s when a presence shows up.
  • All of the references to drugs and getting high throughout the book.
  • There is a scene where the protagonist has his tarot read and the card that represents him is the fool which is represented by the image of the hat.
  • The fonts really command attention.
  • John’s artwork makes for a beautiful backdrop.
  • The time setting of the book in the 70’s is complimented by the abundance of color along with the design style with the black color blocks forcing the color forward.
  • It looks trippy which compliments the journey of the story.
  • It stands out, hands down, next to other books.
  • It draws the viewers attention at thumbnail size which is how it would appear on an Amazon page.

Amazon copy

  • It makes me want to read the book 🙂
  • What do you think?
Hardback 001b copy



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