Cover Concept Contest: Vote for your Favorite Cover

This is a book cover design I have been working on recently which will be a movie poster as well. Most of the book cover designs closely follow my clients vision for the manuscript.

I have to say that I am biased and prefer my original illustration which was an abstract of a man walking out of the desert with the sun behind him. I think that as a book cover it catches the viewer off guard and draws them in with the line-work moving in toward the sun. I think it is a unique book cover illustration that would stand out from the crowd while cleverly representing the story.

Whichever book cover design you choose, please also let me know what you think of the book cover illustration in the comments below

Remember that these are just book cover concepts, so nothing is set in stone and they look rough around the edges. Also the quality is not as fine or detailed as a finished work would be. I appreciate you taking the time to vote because your decision helps me to take a step back and look at the book cover designs from a different perspective.

Thank You



11 thoughts on “Cover Concept Contest: Vote for your Favorite Cover”

  1. I *really* like the first one – very eye catching – with the silhouette and the sun, but the font doesn’t quite work for me. It fits the title (like a government stamp) but not the image, if that makes sense.



  2. I voted for the one called “Special Report”. Just kidding. I voted for the Face of Fire and Angel. Of all of them, I feel like it best captures a sense of stark contrst, conflict and urgency.

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  3. The man walking out of the desert didn’t appeal to me because of the hat. Without the hat, I think it appeals to a broader audience. And if a business man is part of the story per the one with the devil, then I think the figure coming out of the desert would look like a business man?

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    1. Thanks for your comment! I can see what you mean. The man in the business suit is the devil, he’s a separate character than the man walking out of the desert, who wears the hat in the book, thats why he wears one on the cover 🙂


      1. Hmmm, different characters…then I still like the devil, fire, and angel best since it makes me curious how they will interact. The figure out of the desert takes me to a western…maybe it is a western?

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