Getting to the Business of Writing


You should be creating  content on a weekly basis to keep your audience coming back to your platform, to keep your brand fresh in their minds.

Creating  Content

You should write daily in order to find your voice and improve your writing technique. You will be creating content for your blog and you should schedule that into your writing time. If you’re looking for ideas for what to write about, turn to what you know. If you’re a writer than chances are you’re learning new things every day, and not just things related to writing. What you are experiencing, what you’ve seen, and what you’ve heard are all great content inspirations. You have an endless amount of topics to choose from to meet your daily writing challenge.

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block does not exist. You can write about anything, including your inability to write. Your failure to put words on paper stems from your expectation of what you may produce or the subject you want to write about. You should eliminate distractions so you can focus on your writing when the scheduled time arrives. Carve out a good time of day for the task and prepare your environment beforehand.

By writing every day, you exercise your ability. So when it comes time to write things like a scene for your book, it will flow almost effortlessly from you and you’ll experience no writer’s block at all.

Editorial Calendar

You want to take the time to step away from your writing but have a set schedule to get to the task of editing it. You have taken the challenge to write every day, regardless of what it sounds like so you should also be committing to a strict schedule to edit.

It won’t all sound amazing after you’ve taken the time to get a fresh perspective. But now with a fresh set of eyes, you can rework your words into usable content.

Writing Well Consistently

Once you make a habit of writing every day, the ideas just come. You get into a flow state where the words just come naturally. The more you write, the more you’ll have to say. If you make that commitment to show up then your writing will consistently improve. Eventually what you have to say will become more compelling and more persuasive.

It’s true that the writing will be difficult at first, but your commitment will pay off by bringing you the success in writing that you’re aiming for.

Give yourself the liberty to write like crap. Remember that writing is something you learn by doing.

9 thoughts on “Getting to the Business of Writing”

    1. Hi Scott, I’m so glad it helps. I know it helps me to know that keeping to my schedule of writing has made it easier for me to just sit down and write. What’s really great is that I’m noticing an improvement in my writing now too. I owe it all to sticking to a regimen of writing and I’m so thankful I make the time for it. I know I still have room for improvement and that makes it fun too, knowing that I’m becoming a better writer. It feels incredibly rewarding to write with such ease, when before I’d struggle to get an outline going.

      Do you write on a regular basis or just when you can carve out some time for it? I’m interested to know what works for you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Michelle,

        I write everyday. Most days I’ll post something. I also keep a paper journal, as I have for the past thirty years. It’s a record of my life. There’s no set pattern. Sometimes I use my iPad, other time I use the desktop. The paper journal is where I get started. If I don’t have anything to say that’s what I write. Sometimes something comes out of it.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s right, I just read about your journaling on your blog. Sorry, I’m a bit tired today, lol. Anyway, I’m starting it back up too, after I read what you had to say about it I remembered how helpful it used to be to keep a gratitude journal. It worked wonders as far as getting my day off to a good start and put me in the most productive mindset. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


    1. That’s great. I should get back to morning journaling too. It’s a great way to practice gratitude and set you mood for the day. I hadn’t thought of the aspect of recognizing good writing, great point! Thanks for the link…going to read your take on it now 🙂


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