Cover Reveal


A Work in Progress:

I’m in the throes of a rewrite of the first draft of my new book. It is just a blast to have the opportunity to get all of the knowledge I’ve amassed under one title. It’s a go-to guide that will help writers represent their work with stunning visual graphics they create themselves.

I am blogging about my process to get some insight from those of you out there on what your main concerns are and to make sure I miss nothing that will aid you in creating all your own graphics just like a professional designer.

Cover Reveal!

HTDYBC-02-CC copy.jpg

It’s a work in progress and I plan to have it launched by spring at the latest. I’ll be offering it for free at first as a thank you to all of you who give me feedback throughout the writing process.

What’s Inside:

I have crammed everything you need to know to create stunning graphics and award-winning book covers within the pages of this illustrated book. This is a go-to resource for you as an author looking for graphics that not only compliment your brand but sell your brand and your product. There are secrets within these pages that other designers will cringe to know I’m revealing to you. But I think you deserve to know because you can do it yourself, and I want to help you.

Inside you will find helpful links to tons of resources. Not only will it have links to things like where to get the best images for the best price, but links to video tutorials and templates for the graphics you’re looking to create.

I’m excited because this book is a no-nonsense approach to getting you the skills you need as quickly as possible so you can start thinking like a designer. The material covered here will have you designing like a pro as soon as the first day.

What You Can Help Me With:

  • I could use your input on what types of tutorials you’d like to see and what your expectations would be if you sat down to read this book. Any input or feedback you have to offer would be much appreciated.
  • I’m also assembling a launch team and appreciate anyone who’s willing to participate in whatever way they can. Leave a comment if you’re interested.
  • If you have any tips or advice for me at all, I’d love to hear that too!

Fantastic Future Plans:

My future plans have me on the edge of my seat. I’m producing presentations and will be undertaking a tour of speaking engagements across the country after the book launch. I’m actively pursuing sponsorship to fund my adventure. My goal is to help indie authors compete with the big publishers by providing them the skills to create their own winning marketing graphics and brand graphics for their platforms.

  • If there are any public speakers out there reading, I could use some mentoring in this department.
  • Any advice at all would be appreciated

11 thoughts on “Cover Reveal”

    1. Hi, so glad you brought that up. I’ll be covering design instruction for all the platforms. I’ll have embedded video tutorials in the book for photoshop instruction, I can get you all up and running on that pretty quickly with those. And I’ll reference other video tutorials that you can watch to help you get started on the other graphics platforms. I know not everyone will want to use the same software, so no worries, I’ll have you covered. I’ll be sure to mention that in my blurb at my point of purchase and with my marketing so people know. Thanks for mentioning this, great idea! What system are you planning to use, or do you use already?


  1. Michelle, I’m very interested in this book, since I work as part of an indie author group over on Facebook/Goodreads/Twitter/various blogs. I’m just starting to release my own books, so don’t yet have the budget to put hire editors and designers, so this looks like a great resource for me. I’d love to get more information from you so that I can send it on to my fellow indies.
    I’d also love to maybe setup a book spotlight & author spotlight on my blog for you. Since this is a book that I’m sure many of my blog’s readers can benefit from…

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    1. Hi Tim, I’m so happy to hear it will be helpful. I’m actually in the process of editing the book right now, It will be available for preorder on January 5th and is scheduled to be published April 5th. I’m hoping to get the news out to as many indies as possible. I’d love to do a book and author spotlight, that sounds great! It would be a good idea to do that for the preorder date coming up. Do you think some of the people in your author group would be willing to read the book and write me a review on my launch date? If so, I am happy to send them a free copy as soon as I have it ready. The editing should be complete by around the beginning of March. They can be part of my launch team! That would be perfect.I realize that that’s a ways away and some of you may need some help now so can make myself available for any questions you all might have about cover design and author brand graphics (marketing and platform graphics). I could write some guest posts for Brain to Books, or what ever platform would be best, and at least get you started of with some basics before we can schedule something more in depth. I’d be willing to sit in on a video call or get on one of the forums. I’d love to help. Can you email me with some more information on how I might be able to serve you all?

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  2. Michelle, this is so exciting! What does it entail to be a part of your launch team? If there are ways that I can be a part of it, I would love to!

    One thing that I would like to see in your new book regarding its content is why you think indie authors can/should do their own graphics. I feel like so often I’m told that I shouldn’t; that I should hire a professional designer so that my books don’t become “that sketchy self-published author”. So I’d be very interested in reading your thoughts with regards to that.

    As far as tutorials go, I would love to see tutorials about various ways to manipulate stock photos for various different effects and feels.

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    1. Hi Jordy,

      It’s so great to hear from you! I would love love love for you to be a part of my launch team. You are so sweet! I am still in the process of planning my launch and will be creating my objectives and process of tasks that will best serve the overall goal of getting this book out to as many indie’s as possible. When I have everything organized I can shoot you an email that will include things like a Facebook page for the launch team to meet and collaborate, a list of prizes and rewards for your efforts, what I need to get done and what role you may want to play, as well as a timeframe and schedule… and we can hash it out from there! I hope that sounds good to you so far. I want it to be a fun and rewarding experience for every person involved.

      Thanks so much for your feedback on my book. What a great question. I normally advise authors not to do their own graphics but it’s only because they don’t have the proper training it requires to make the graphics that will best promote them. They might make simple mistakes that could actually hurt them, there are lot’s of shoulds and shouldn’ts when it comes to marketing graphics, not to mention all the understanding one should have when it comes to the suggestiveness of lines and color, and then there’s layout to contend with and using the right fonts that work to their benefit. My hope for this book is to offer assistance to those who insist on doing their own graphics for whatever reason, to give them a great go-to resource that covers the need-to-know concepts of book cover design and author platform graphics. I want to help them understand what it is that they need to know about marketing themselves through winning graphic design. I want all indie authors to be able to have beautiful platforms that will draw people to them and their writing. Getting noticed is half the battle after all.

      Thanks for your input on the tutorials. I have a few necessary tutorials that are my primary focus, but showing people the tools and methods to manipulate the stock images they want to use seems imperative. I’ll definitely put that on my list.

      Your’re the best, hugz to you ❤


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