Apps, Tools & Plugins for Indie Authors – Part 1 – The Book Designer

There are apps galore on the internet. But of the millions of apps, tools, extensions, and plugins available, which ones can help you and not further distract you or worse of all, hinder you in your work?

Ah, those are the issues, aren’t they?

I make it a habit of chasing after new tools I hear about, trying them out, and ferreting away those I don’t think can serve other indie authors or me. It’s not always an easy task. I must confess that in some cases, I learn about new apps, sign up for them, try them out, then a month later forget why they seemed appealing.

That’s life on the ‘net sometimes.

So, yes, I can be distracted by shiny new objects that tantalize newcomers. The temptation can be great sometimes. But I need to remind myself that it’s important to not lose sight of the tools that can really help us versus those that may be pricey and pretty but not necessary.

What follows is a big list of tools I’ve discovered and tested. (I know of even more but this post was growing too long so I had to pare the list down.) You may see some as distractions but what I’ve tried to do is provide a wide enough selection to provide options and appeal to meet the needs of different authors.

Okay, let’s get started on the list….

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3 thoughts on “Apps, Tools & Plugins for Indie Authors – Part 1 – The Book Designer”

  1. I am just trying out the new Dropbox paper, I am trying it out working with my daughter for comparing merchandising products and prices, I am liking the fact you can link photos, site and documents to it that you can create actions and leave each other notes for actions along with some cool emoji’s

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