Real Alien?

Wednesdays Visual Writing Prompt

The video and gif below show a quintessential gray alien supposedly captured by the Russian KGB; the video gives more detail about the alleged relationship between Russia and the aliens, and an agreement that prohibited the Russians from recording their communications with the aliens…it’s got me convinced!

What do you think?

I’m really excited at the prospect of reading all of the shorts created from this awesome footage prompt!

Gray aliens crash landing on this planet is a long-documented phenomenon that has been investigated by UFO researchers as well as other more mainstream journalists. Though the theories vary about what exactly they are and what they are here for –

Though the theories vary about what exactly they are and what they are here for, there isn’t much debate in the community anymore about whether or not they exist!

So, one must then wonder…


Wednesdays Visual Writing Prompt

Use this prompt to think outside the box, to go somewhere with your writing that you had never dared go before. See what kind of magic you can work with that brilliant mind of yours. You are a storyteller so this will be a breeze.

Maybe you could use this prompt to add a scene to the current book you are writing. Maybe you could start a short story that you can give away for free to subscribers of your blog. A picture like this can spark ideas you may never have considered.

The Rules

There aren’t really many rules, just enough to get your blog some attention and get new people interested in your writing or the current book you have to offer.

  • Write in any genre you like – poetry too
  • Tag this post in your post (share this post to your WordPress blog as a new post) so I can find you (it will ping back to this post), then I can check out your work, and promote you on my social sites. Or share your response to the writing challenge in the comments section below.
  • You have until the following Tuesday to complete this writer’s prompt, then I will be posting a new one on the following day, next Wednesday.

If you have any suggestions for future Wednesday Visual Writing Prompts, please let me know in the comments:-)

I look forward to reading your writing.

Do you believe?

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