Wednesdays Visual Writing Prompt

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Wednesdays Visual Writing Prompt

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Visual writing prompts are an excellent method to spark your creativity. They are a means of exploration into your journey as a writer. Taking part in writing prompts can lead you into depths of writing discovery that may have otherwise eluded you.

Taking twenty minutes to participate in prompts like this on a regular basis can unlock your true potential as a writer.

Good Luck!

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The Challenge

Use this prompt to think outside the box, to go somewhere with your writing that you had never dared go before. See what kind of magic you can work with that brilliant mind of yours.

  • Use this prompt to add a scene to the current book you are writing.
  • Start a short story that you can give away for free to subscribers of your blog.
  • Or just practice your skills.

It’s true that a picture like this can spark ideas you may never have considered!

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Please post a link to your writing in the comments section 🙂

I look forward to reading your writing.

Have Fun!

7 thoughts on “Wednesdays Visual Writing Prompt”

  1. Rotation and movement always reminds life. Too many planets rotate around too many stars and themselves. So do humans. Each action has an effect on others in the system of galaxies. When I met you for the first time, I fell in love. I watched your dance, your body rising up and down, your hair turning and flying. I felt your hidden colors. I wanted to join your dance, and turn around new hopes. To forget my loneliness in the infinity of the universe. Your movements caught and took me beyond known limits. I fell in love when I first met you.

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