Saying Goodbye

My dad passed away Saturday afternoon, September 16. He was 73. It was unexpected….

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He was a wild one when he was younger, racing his hot-rod backward – stuff like that. Riding horses, jumping motorcycles. He even flew planes at one point. But cars were his passion then.

He was a hard worker. He was a carpenter his whole life, he once won a contest when nail guns first came out. The nail gun company offered $1000 to anyone who could beat the nail gun with a hammer – he beat it. He was pretty fast, I remember watching him as a kid. My older sister Vicki Goodhew learned the trade from him and was a successful builder for many years. I looked up to my dad and was proud of the respect and admiration others had for him.

Dad had an easy-going attitude, a goofy sense of humor and a huge heart. He spent the last few years of his life living next door to my sister Cindie Goodhew Wotherspoon, and she looked after him. He loved his hummingbirds and the other wildlife that would wander up close – animals were just drawn to him. People were drawn to him too.

This world is just not as bright without him in it. Our dad was a huge presence in all of our hearts and we will miss him more than words can say. 


(from left to right – Lawrence Goodhew [my dad’s father], me, Cindie, Vicki, Dad, and my daughter Jessica)


Richard Arthur Goodhew – Memorials – Lemley Chapel


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