images (19)the feeder

 Curiosity is one of the most permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect

Samual Johnson


Dean scratched his head and slid down the laundry room door, taking a seat on the cold kitchen floor. This was as good a place to hide as any. No one could see him through the front windows or the backslider, and that was good because he was crying.

Dean looked down at the piss yellow paper containing his case number and the words Ferndale District Court printed in a fading blue ink. Glancing further down the page his eyes froze on the sheriffs scrawled out words that screamed up at him, DWI! He took a sharp breath as if looking at it for the first time, “FUCK”!

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck……FUCK!” he swallowed hard and sighed against the building pressure in his throat. Accepting the fate of his dumbass mistake a little more each time the word escaped him.

Halloween is when he’d got it, and a fucked-up mess is what it was. The last-minute bar-run at 1:00 am because after all, his party had been uncommonly boring…

…He was wasted, not much of the evening would leave any lasting impression. Dean had learned to ride young, it was just another thing he was naturally good at. And he could do it surprisingly well piss drunk but normally didn’t. Introduce the reader to deans biker side

The cops had seen him leave the bar. They casually swung in behind him, tripped the red-and-blues, and offered up the same excuse they’d given out all night. They knew he was drunk, just another easy target. It was against the law, sure, but it’s how they intended to meet the night’s quota. He’d have the charges dismissed when it finally went to court. He had a car full of witnesses that would step-up and testify that his headlights had been on.

The cop knew him, they all knew him, he tended to make a lasting impression on most. Dean didn’t usually mind the local cops, and they genuinely liked him. It was a surprise to them to find him behind the wheel in such a state. You could see the disappointment they felt, but Dean was a character, and naturally brought humor to the situation.

His face contorted in confusion, and the street swayed up… then down. The glistening pavement shining up into his bloodshot eyes as he stood bracing himself like a sailor fresh off the water. Was it that you were not supposed to take the breathalyzer but you were supposed to take the drunk-man-walking test, fuck… he was so slammed off his buddies moonshine he just guessed and guessed wrong of course.

What shitty luck this was, he dreaded going in to tell his boss. He had missed so much work after his breakup with his fiancé. Good riddance. But the depression hit him pretty hard whether it was the best thing for her to be out of his life or not. He’d missed so many days he was surprised he wasn’t fired already. And now this embarrassment, yeah, that ought to go over well with the boss.

Of course, his boss had the look of disgust and some slight contempt smothered over that. The uptight Canadian commuter wasted no time at all before firing Dean on the spot. Holy crap, no way. He was beside himself, they couldn’t fire him because of that, could they? But the decision was final, so he gathered his belongings and left quietly.

The great thing about being fired by the one asshole that worked there was that he got written recommendations from everyone else. They had loved him, and that seemed right to him. After all, he had busted his ass for them, he’d even worked through the night several times, he’d come in early, stay late, always got the job done on time and done well. Fuck…it was his dream job, he loved it, now he was screwed. A mortgage to pay, new car payments, shit! His heart just dropped.

He filed for unemployment, they fought it, but he won. Turns out they didn’t have the right to fire him after-all. Looking back he should have sued them, but that was then, and his heart wasn’t in it. He loved the company, it was the Canadian that fucked it all up.

He stewed and simmered in the unemployment ring, jobs were impossible to come by in the failing economy. He could just pay the bills, he lost his car to repossession. He couldn’t afford what it would take to get his license back anyway. So he sat around…watched a lot of Tv… and got bored. His friends just drifted, he wasn’t up for them with his self-esteem in the dirt anyway. No one called, at least not that often, so he played around on Facebook to keep the loneliness at bay.

About two months of that and a Farmville bill of $200 all became a wakeup call that rendered the social media hangout a bust. How humiliating. Farmville? Really? Wow! So he shit-canned the social media entertainment altogether. He passed the time doing yard work, job-hunting, and going through every item he owned, organizing and reorganizing. The days turned into months and it was all a blur of the same monotony. Fuck! He was bored.

When the social networking stopped, the web surfing began and finally, YouTube was discovered. It was fantastic! The level of entertainment just couldn’t be matched. Dean slouched down into the couch, becoming part of the large cushion that cradled his ass. His belly was just starting to bulge after two months without work. Depression was an understatement at this point.

But this discovery of YouTube cheered him up a bit. There was an endless barrage of video relating to just about anything under the sun, and beyond. He was hooked. Ghost stories are where he settled-in for this session. Deans curiosity for ghosts was about unquenchable.

Most of the footage on spirits that he found was complete crap, obviously faked, and just about enough to piss him off. But he wandered through the list of videos, scanning the titles and screenshots for something that would give him a bit of a scare.

He found a playlist of some ghost show that he thought had originally been featured on a familiar network. This was a pretty good set of videos that could set a small creep factor to play on his mind.

Yeah… this was entertainment. Never mind the glare of the Tv that the videographer had taped the show from. Yep, that was a bit irritating, but the cable had been shut off about ten days ago, so this was it.


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