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Graphic Designer – Illustrator – Writer

What I Do
  • Cover Design
  • Illustration
  • Author Branding
  • Blogger

As an aspiring author and former illustrator for ACE Books in New York, I have always had a deep love of books and profound respect for writers.

I opened Mundus Media Ink (MMI) in 2005 and worked mainly with small businesses designing brands. MMI now offers me the opportunity to do the work I love, working with writers.

I started working with indie authors in 2012, and I was hooked! It’s hard to describe the excitement I feel when I’m creating the drafts to show my clients for the first time! It’s thrilling! I love your reactions, collaborating with authors is the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. The excitement you feel for your projects becomes contagious. It’s the best!

I help the writer’s I work with develop their platforms and identify their brand – the theme and style that encompasses who they are in the publishing world. I’m focused on how each brand serves each individual writer, understanding that it’s ultimately a tool for the expression of their passion and that its design will serve to promote their talent and sell their product.

I started illustrating again in 2012 after over a decade hiatus. I had an author request an illustrated YA cover and It became a hit halfway around the world in the outback of Australia. All of a sudden I was chatting with classrooms full of young kids who were trying their hand at illustrating for the book too! My heart just exploded. And I was hooked, again!

Making stories come to life visually is magical, it really is. If you are looking for illustration you will love what I can do for you. You can count on me to work with you to create beautiful images that are perfect for your story. I take care with each scene and I revise and edit until it’s your story in full color.

Whatever the case, I hope we get the chance to work together. You won’t be disappointed. I go the extra mile with every client, you can count on me to do my best work every time.

My Mission

Through my graphic design, and illustration, my hope is to make your experience as a writer the best it can be.

This is your passion and I admire that, it’s my passion too.  

I offer my skills and experience to help you along your journey toward success as a writer. 

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Book Cover Design and Illustration

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