Author Branding

Defining your brand is the first step for any author. A well-designed platform can make the difference between flop and best-seller.

Your brand should flow seamlessly throughout your entire platform, and it should continue to develop as you grow.


If you recall, there are three steps in writing a bestseller, write first, edit later, and market your book all the time.  You start marketing yourself before your book is written and keep it up long after your book has launched.

You are in the business of writing and branding goes right up there with marketing. Branding is the fuel that oils your sales machine. 

There are two sides to branding, your product and who you are to your audience.

It’s your job to brand yourself through your constant interaction with potential customers. It’s as simple as that.

It’s my job to take into consideration everything you do and everything you offer,  and express it through a well-defined graphics design package.

Properly establishing your unique author brand is crucial, and building your brand with me will insure you do it right.

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Book Cover Design and Illustration

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