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This list has been created to provide authors with the beta readers they might need in assisting them to fine tune their manuscript. The following authors have asked to be listed here as beta readers. The service provided is a manuscript swap, typically done chapter by chapter. Please feel free to contact the authors of your choice via their email address regarding your beta reading needs. Be sure to include “beta reader” in the subject line of your email.

To be included on this list, please contact MMI below.

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  • Writing Experience: 10 yrs
  • Genre: fantasy and horror
  • Currently Working On: two novel-length works which are past 50% completion.
  • Contact: rocans67[at]live[dot]com

Dash McCallen

  • Writing Experience: yrs
  • Genre: I am a multi-genre, published writer. My most recent work, a young adult romance. Romance, Sci-fi, Historical Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy.
  • Currently Working On: a young adult romance
  • Contact: dashmccallen[at]gmail[dot]com

Francesca Miller

  • Writing Experience: yrs
  • Associations: Romance Writers of America, the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, (SCBWI) and the International Press Academy.
  • Genre: dark Young Adult  and New Adult fiction with strong female protagonists, and erotic romance.
  • Currently Working On: Adult Noir novel set in 1950s New Orleans
  • Contact: francesca.miller[at]ca.rr[dot]com

Jennifer Osborn

  • Writing Experience: 4 Years
  • Genre:  Dark YA/NA Paranormal, Sci-Fi with a touch of romance
  • Currently Working On: YA Paranormal romance and NA Paranormal (3rd book in a series)
  • Contact: jenniferosborn1492[at]gmail[dot]com

Kathrin Hutson

  • Writing Experience: 15 Years plus 6 Years of Professional Editing
  • Genre: Dark Fantasy, YA Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mainstream Literary
  • Currently Working On: Modern Dystopian Sci-Fi
  • Contact: Kathrin.Hutson[at]KLHCreateWorks[dot]com

Michelle Rene Goodhew

  • Writing Experience: 10 yrs
  • Genre: YA, fantasy, horror, adventure
  • Currently Working On: YA dark fantasy adventure
  • Contact: goodhewmichelle[at]gmail[dot]com

Vincent Berg

William Estes

  • Writing Experience: 10 yrs
  • Genre: post apocalyptic, horror/sci-fi, YA LBQT and fantasy
  • Currently Working On: A post apocalyptic novel, a horror/sci-fi novel and a YA LBQT novel
  • Contact: willmatron[at]gmail[dot]com


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Whichever type of help you pursue it is important to know what you are hoping to gain. Although the main concept of a beta reader is the same, many people have different ideas about what they actually want in their beta readers. It is best for an author and a beta reader to discuss how the relationship is going to work. You should write down or list your expectations in advance, such as:

  • do the first four pages do a good job of capturing your attention and make you want to read more
  • How do you feel about the characters
  • What did you learn about each character (character development)
  • Are my scenes flowing well from one to another
  • Is there enough action
  • Am I descriptive enough
  • Bored or eager to know more
  • Is my story arch compelling or does it need work
  • How is my dialogue
  • What appears to be the theme
  • Anything I should add
  • Anything I should cut
  • Is there anything that needs work
  • Am I sticking to the main viewpoint
  • Am I overusing adjectives
  • Is anything confusing
  • What do you like so far about the story and what do you dislike


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Include your writing experience, genre, a brief description of what you are currently working on, and a contact email.

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