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There is no doubt about it, images sell product, and book teasers can make your product shine! Teasers are an excellent marketing tool for places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest where people are scrolling for something that catches their eye.

You can share them alone, linked to blog post updates about your book, or with point of purchase links on launch day.

Most authors use book teasers just to generate interest and bring in subscribers. They will have several made just to showcase their brand with blurbs that generate buzz.

People love visuals, and if the teaser is good, they will come back for more without being bombarded with links.

What I will need from you

  • A copy of your book cover
  • Any original stock photos used with your book cover design (not a necessity)
  • Your website address

I purchase licensed images to assemble into a graphic design that will best market your literature. I select font type and layout of text that works best to capture attention and represent your brand.

Get a teaser to boost the marketing efforts of your book today. Your teaser will generate book sales and grow your network.



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Book Cover Design and Illustration

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