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Book cover illustration isn’t easy. It requires an illustrator to capture the essence of a story in a single combination of words and images – then present it in a way that’s going to make that book stand out from any others on a shelf or on the webpage. With our award winning illustrators experience, you can expect the very best in your unique design.


What we will need from you

  • Tell us what you want in your illustration.
  • Describe your aims and requirements.
  • Send us a thorough synopsis of your book to get a feel for your story.
  • Send us any images, sketches or documents that might be helpful.

A 50% deposit covers materials, and secures your spot “in line” to complete your work by your deadline. The remainder of the contract will be due upon delivery of the final design.


I will contact you within 24 hours of your deposit.

Your final illustration will be my representation of a combination of what you and I feel will both represent the book, and draw potential readers to it. I also incorporate the graphic design of text and font type at no additional cost.

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Please allow up to four weeks for the completion of your project.

DEPOSIT: $287.50

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5 thoughts on “Cover Illustration”

  1. Thank you so much for your interest!

    Right now I am offering $250 for a unique illustration tailored to your vision for your novel. I am happy to come up with concept ideas if you would rather leave it up to me. I charge $100 per related unique illustration in addition to the cover itself. So , for example, if you wanted other marketing material it would cost you $100 per unique illustration or $50 each to rework parts of the original illustration.

    I also do back covers and those cost $50 as well even tho they are original artwork, they are far less detailed. I throw spine design in free. I require a 50% deposit through my PayPal account and my turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks depending on the scope of the project.


    1. I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I’m finishing up a short story. So I’m thinking about making a cover for that. I’m also wanting to publish a book of poems so I would love a cover for that. Finished one book. Working on my second one. The first book of poems is called a storm of poems and the second book I’m writing will be called a tree of words. If my friend can’t illustrate my graphic novel I’ll definitely use you. Your very talented. My email is by the way. My name is Matthew Shankula. So you can find me on Facebook also. Thank you so much.


      1. I would be honored to work on these projects with you. I have read some of your work and you’re a very talented writer. Working with you would be pretty awesome! I look forward to hearing from you again soon! 🙂

        Here is my contact information.
        @michellerene00 on Twitter
        My Facebook page is:
        Michelle Rene Goodhew artist and illustrator


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