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Some Recent Illustration Work


Children’s Book Illustration

Guitar Case Commission

One Just for Fun

Thought I’d go ahead and share some projects I’ve been working on recently. I’d love to hear your comments 🙂

Illustrating a Children’s Book

I Started illustrating a new children’s book recently. This is the story of Bug & Teddy. They get up to all kinds of adventure and I’m finding it fun to create these illustrations. This is the first of many beautiful images that you will find in my upcoming children’s book “Bug & Teddy’s Adventure”, based on the antics of my very own daughter and her best friend Teddy.

Bug and Teddy were inseparable growing up. They went everywhere together and got into all kinds of mischief. She loved him dearly and still has that bond even though she is grown and off to college. I raised my daughter as a single mom so Teddy took on the responsibility of looking out for us. He died when he met the business end of an angry dog and we have missed him ever since. So this is a book, and possibly a series of books, done as a tribute to Teddy and a gift to my daughter. This way, Teddy will always be with her.

Although I have illustrated children’s books in the past, this will be the first one that I have attempted. I will share each new illustration as I create them if you’re interested in watching my progress.

001 copy small

If you are interested in commissioning me for your children’s book illustration, I’d love to hear about your book and discuss your project with you. Have a look at my services and illustration examples and then contact me and I can create a custom quote just for you.

CBIb copy

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My Recent Children’s Illustration

PD 02 CA Michelle Rene Goodhew small

Try-Out For an Illustrated Recipe Book

I illustrated this scene in about 12 hours with most of my emphasis going to the shaggy dog. This was a tryout for an illustrator position for a children’s book author. Unfortunately I hadn’t looked at the accompanying instructions and missed the mark entirely with the design. I had to start over and did a rush job in eight hours with the illustration below following the design requirements this time. I suppose that will teach me to go back and review before I start next time 🙂

PD 03 CA Michelle Rene Goodhew small

New Painting – Fairy Mother

Mother Fairy Large

This painting can be purchased through FineArtAmerica