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Nell Zink’s ‘Nicotine’ can leave a reader breathless

Imagine all the different ways people smoke. There’s the cinematic post-coital smoke, the break-up-the-work-day smoke, the pack-a-day smoke, the one-a-day smoke, the-I-only-smoke-at-parties smoke, the hiding-it-from-everyone smoke, and the long-slow-deep-drag-of-cool-Didion Esque-contemplation smoke, to name a very few…

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Nell Zink’s ‘Nicotine’ can leave a reader breathless – LA Times

Book Review: Jasmine Falling

Jasmine FallingJasmine Falling by Shereen Malherbe

My rating: 5 of 5 stars



I found Jasmine Falling a beautiful work of art which was emotionally moving and will stay with me for some time to come.

The story unfolds with the heroin who faces the loss of her mother and an inheritance she can’t claim that would keep her living in a state of wealth that she is accustomed too. She is forced to seek out her father who vanished in her childhood because only he can ensure her inheritance. If she can’t somehow find him in just over a week, then she loses all rights to the riches.

The journey she makes to discover her father’s whereabouts is mystical. I was taken to another world and immersed in its tale of the continued conflict of a nation undergoing change and the spirit of its people. This book is full of powerful messages that every person can relate too and be inspired by.

Shereen Malherbe has done a superb job in her telling of a tale that I couldn’t put down. Magnificent!

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