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Would you like to guest post on my blog?

I would love to host your guest post on my blog. Guest posting is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to get your writing and your brand in front of new people fast. You’ll gain fresh readers, interested prospects and boost your potential for success.

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Guest Posting Rules

Be Relevant

This author blog covers a wide range of topics: writing, book marketing, plotting, publishing, book blogging, platform building, branding, social networking, tribe building, character development, world building, AND MORE.

Your Guest Post Article Should Be Relevant: This means I can’t accept posts about random topics unless you’ve somehow creatively managed to tie them into an article about a new, different or better way to succeed as a writer, earn more income and gain new followers.

Be Practical or Entertaining

  • Share your book with my following.
  • Noticed a writing problem you know how to solve? Teach people a better way of working, or how they can eliminate a frustration.
  • Know any tricks, tactics or strategies that improved your writing or author platform? Share them and challenge our audience to try it for themselves.

Your post should include examples and/or clear how-to steps so that people can apply your ideas or advice to their writing or platform immediately.

Be Unique

If it’s been said and done a thousand times before, think outside the box. Write a new perspective on an old topic, or give our audience a different take or a fresh angle.

  • Be creative. Plenty of posts talk about how to write a killer headline – find a new way to talk about headlines so that people pay attention.
  • Be unique. Browse my archives, figure out what topic or angle I haven’t covered yet, and beat me to the punch.
  • Be interesting. Tell a story, use a great metaphor, or take an opposing stance. You can even write on controversial topics, if you’d like, as long as they relate to my brand.

Be Well Written

This blog is created by a writer, for writers. It makes sense that your post should demonstrate a good command of language, grammar, punctuation, organization, clarity, style, and tone. I don’t expect perfection, but I also don’t expect to have to perform a major edit, rework your content and clean up your prose. (That would be silly)

  • Edit your post. Set it aside for a day and come back to it with fresh eyes. Rewrite it a few times. Good posts take time and effort to create.
  • Use an outline. Stay on track with your topic; don’t ramble. Don’t riff off the top of your head, either, as that shows through in writing.
  • Have a well-rounded wrap-up. Write a good conclusion that ends with a nice bang to encourage sharing and discussion.

Post length should be about 750 words.

Extra Notes and Editorial Liberties

  • Include an author bio and a link to your website or blog and social networks. Please make it fun, punchy or interesting.
  • Links in your content may be acceptable if they point to resources or articles of value to my readership. I reserve the right to remove them if I feel they aren’t a good fit.
  • I will add graphics to your post.
  • Submit your guest post via the contact form or email me at:


Whew! What’s Next?

In your message, tell me a bit about you, what you do, and provide a link to your website so that I can come check out your blog and your books 🙂

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