How To Set Up Your Author Website

how to set up your author platform

Use your name as your domain name and build your brand around your name. Chances are that you will be writing for years to come and will not want your domain name focused around a particular subject. It’s better to think long-term with the idea in mind that although your subject matter might change, your author name will not.

If your name is taken try adding a word to the end such as author, books, or use your middle name as well as your first and last. Try different combinations to see what is available.

Your domain name is like your address. It lets people know where you live. However, it’s not your home. Your web hosting will be your home.

where to host your author website


Now that you have your domain name decided, you will need hosting for your website. You can purchase your domain name and hosting from the same source.

All of the HTML, CSS, PDF, JPG, and other files need to have a home on a computer somewhere. This is computer supplies the space for your files which is called web hosting. For a small fee, they will take care of storing all of your website files and making them available to people online.

For hosting, BlueHost is an affordable option that is used by many high-profile sites. They have amazing customer support. Their support line is active 24/7. You can easily connect with their support team by phone, live chat, email ticket and knowledge base. BlueHosts server has zero downtime. They make it extremely simple to install your website and get it up and running. BlueHost is officially recommended by WordPress. They offer 30 days 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. They are the most affordable hosting service and offer the best value.

To get it setup, visit and click the “Sign Up Now” button. They’ll walk you through the process of getting everything purchased and setup.

If you feel you need some instruction to setting up your website, here is a link to WordPress Walkthrough Series 2015 which explains, step by step, how to set up a WordPress website after you have purchased your domain name and website hosting.

Get Your WordPress Website theme

WordPress makes it really easy to change the design of your website. There are hundreds of themes available that you can install and customize.

For a quick walk-through on how to install themes on your website, click here to watch a short video.

That video will walk you through how to search and find themes, however there are two that I recommend:

  • TwentyTwelve – This is the built-in default theme that comes with WordPress. In has a lot of great functionality and offers a lot of customization. If you want to get your website setup and start adding content right away, stick with this default theme.
  • StudioPress – As an upgrade to many of the free themes available, there are many premium themes that you can purchase that offer a lot of additional functionality. StudioPress has a lot of great options that offer functionality, stability and support you won’t find in the standard themes.

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