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You probably have a picture in your head of the world you have worked tirelessly to create. Why not share that image with your readers? I am an award-winning illustrator that provides custom world map creation. What better way to bring the readers into your unique fantasy world then by presenting them with a map that lays out the land?

What I will need from you

  • Send me a rough sketch of your map.
  • Tell me about your aims and requirements.
  • Point out which places should be given precedence for type purposes.
  • Request extras such as dragons, birds, ships, sea monsters.
  • Get a poster of your map shipped to you for an additional fee.

Maps are my absolute favorite thing to create. You can depend on me to create a stunning visual representation of the layout of your book’s world. I will work with you one-on-one to create the world you envisioned for your readers to enjoy.

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