Bookmarks, Business Cards, and Postcards

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Business cards, post-cards, and bookmarks are cheap and easy multifunctional author cards.

First off, don’t think of them as a business card. Author cards are SO much more. So a business card becomes something more than just information. It becomes something that you can use to brand, sell, and connect. All in one.

Hand them out everywhere. Leave one with your waitress at the restaurant, along with your tip. Hand one to the grocery store clerk. Don’t forget your hairdresser. Include one in the envelope when you pay your bill. Stick them in the pocket of the seat in front of you on airplanes. Leave a couple in your seat if you ride a bus. There are endless ways to use these as a promotional tool.

Postcards can be Every Day Direct Mailed®. EDDM® is a service by USPS that’s significantly cheaper than traditional mailing solutions. What makes things easier is that unlike traditional mailing, you don’t need a mailing list or a permit for EDDM®. Instead, you can simply provide the routes to where you want your print advertisements to be delivered.

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  • For 250 Bookmarks $125
    • your choice of card  with your choice of finish, designed on all sides: contact for personalized quote. Shipping included.

Your bookmark should include your books cover,  a quote, tagline, price, ISBN, publisher logo, and a list of wholesalers and retailers that carry the book.

How can you use bookmarks?

  • Use them as calling cards and hand one to everyone you meet.
  • Send out with all correspondence.
  • Hand out at speaking engagements, book fairs, tradeshows, school visits.
  • Ask libraries, bookstores and other retailers who stock the book to distribute them.

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Business Cards

(postcards available for an additional fee)

  • For 250 Business Cards $125
    • your choice of card  with your choice of finish, designed on all sides: contact for personalized quote. Shipping Included.

A successful card should contain your company’s logo, book cover, tagline, and necessary contact information, including a phone number, website address and email where you can be easily reached.

What’s so great about business cards?

  • Business cards create a solid first impression.
  • Business cards can go wherever you go, making them an essential mobile marketing tool.
  • Business cards help build your brand.
  • We can include your books QR code on your cards. It can be scanned by a smartphone to direct customers to your books point-of-purchase.

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