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Have you written a fabulous children’s book that needs some fantastic artwork? My name is Michelle Rene Goodhew and I am an experienced children’s book illustrator.

I will work with you to create beautiful images that are perfect for your story. Take a look at some of my previous work below.

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I draw all my images by hand with pencil. It all starts with a small sketch and or idea, I work at it, revise, edit, and in the end it becomes what I had in my head, or better.

  • I take care with each scene to make sure placement of all elements are correct and layout accordingly allowing for text placement.
  • When the sketches are ready, I transfer them to photoshop for digital painting.
  • I then send the concepts to you for feedback when the painting is complete.
  • I wait for your feedback to begin editing.
  • Once the concepts have been edited, the illustrations are finalized and sent to you for review.
  • A last round of editing occurs before the illustrations will be finalized.


What I will need from you

  • I require a copy of your manuscript and will need to know which illustration options you prefer.
  • A description of each scene will help me to create an accurate quote.

Pricing illustrations for a children’s book varies on the complexity of the illustrations. Please contact me below to discuss your options and receive your unique quote.


A 10% deposit is required before any work begins and is payable to me through PayPal. This covers materials and secures your spot “in line” to complete your work by your deadline. The remaining balance can be paid over a six month period in equal monthly installments.

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