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Authors Helping Authors: Check Out This Indie Author

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An Epic Adventure

Please visit the above link and select “Recommend” to help new indie author R. Ann Greene promote her brand new release

“The Stones of Caron: Book One – What Time Handed Them.”

This is a reader contributed book recommendation to The Guardian that will be featured on The Guardian’s Book Blog if Greene gets a good amount of recommendations for her amazing epic adventure!

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R Ann Greene has me hooked! I loved this book. This is a fast paced epic fantasy that keeps you engrossed in the complex characters that she has created. I found myself fighting to keep my eyes open because I wasn’t ready to put the book down. Greene brings the story to life with her vivid story-crafting, she draws you in and keeps you spellbound. This story is an exciting other-world that will immediately pull you into its landscape and surround you with a wealth of well-developed characters that you will come to love. I highly recommend this book to any reader. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for book two 🙂

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WTHT 03a Paperback 001 copy

Cover Reveal

Here is the cover that made the final cut! Isn’t it Awesome!

A6X9 Cover Tykocin copy

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Thanks to her drug and alcohol dependency, Elisabet Blumenberg’s FBI career has more or less sunk as far as it can; in the space of five years, she’s gone from heading up her own team to the data pool. She’s at rock bottom.
Then her neighbor, an aging holocaust survivor, asks for help finding her missing husband. As a favor to the old woman, Elisabet agrees to help…and unearths more than she ever thought possible—a Nazi plot to regain world domination.
Her investigation uncovers horrendous experiments and a whole new generation of Nazi monsters…in 21st Century America!

This is a custom illustration by Michelle Rene

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