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Join My Launch-Team!


Thanks for stopping by! I am getting super excited about my upcoming book launch and I’m looking for some awesome people to join my launch team!

Check out the details below!



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This guide will be a great asset to anyone who writes a blog, authors books, provides services, instructs, consults, coaches, provides e-courses or tours as a keynote speaker. If you’re any one of these people, then you’re in business. Your goal is to attract people to your platform, to keep them there, and to sell them something. You want new subscribers to your platform because email marketing is the best-kept secret to selling books.

Having a platform that is built to work for you is crucial and branding yourself is the first step in creating your platform.

What my guidebook will offer is a step-by-step process to begin creating your platform. If you have already established a presence online, my guidebook gives you the chance to review your brand, hone it, and give it an all-star upgrade.


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What I’m looking for is anyone who would like to be a part of my upcoming book launch. These people would:

  1. Read, complete, and then review my upcoming guide to writers.
  2. Send me their review.
  3. Commit to leaving their review of the book – on launch day – at the books point of purchase. I will also take a selection of the reviews and use them on my website, or on the back of the book. 
  4. Post their review of the book on their own blogs with links to purchase and schedule the post for the books launch day.




I’m looking to make this book launch fun. I want the member’s of my team to feel the excitement with me, and I’ll have special prizes to give away to random member’s of my team as the launch reaches certain milestones.

Also… I am putting together a special thank you gift for each member of my team (some awesome swag) and would also love to feature every one of you on my blog!



The working copy I will be sending you will be in PDF format and will provide space for you to complete the exercises.

I’m in the process of putting the guide together now and should have it completed mid-May.

You’ll have a month to review before the book is launched.

I am also open to any tips, feedback, or ideas you might have for me to make the book, and launch, more successful!

Thank You!

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Please Contact Me Below to Sign-Up