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Cover Reveal: The Dragon Slayer

Here is the final cover design for Jonathan Dorr’s first publication of his three part epic fantasy. I had fun creating the dragon who I imagined creeping forward like a stalking cat almost hissing at the knight. I used a fleshy salmon color for the symbol and fonts because it reminded me of raw flesh and jumped out from the contrast of the illustration. I used to really struggle with dragons but I think I am getting the hang of them pretty well now. There are parts I would have preferred to do a little differently, but in the end this is a unique cover design and illustration that stands out among the competitors on Amazon. I would appreciate your feedback as there is always room for personal improvement 🙂

Dragon Slayer 10 Front copy

Dragon Slayer 10 copy

Illustration & Cover Design: Work In Progress

I have been busy most of the day writing in my book which was completely outlined and one third written when it morphed into an epic transformational series…. oops 🙂

So finally after all that work I’m switching gears to work on my latest commission from Jonathan Dorr. Just starting the painting on this book cover. I started with the dragon green but think he is looking better overall as a red dragon 🙂

Dragon Slayer 06 progress

Cover Reveal: Red & Restless

Red and Restless 05 small

I had a great time illustrating this cover for Allison. She loves the final result and it had been her idea to merge the first two concepts I had provided her. As a result I think we have a bold preview of Allison’s unique book of poetry.

Below are the first two designs that were merged to create the cover above.

Red and Restless 02 copy "Red & Restless" illustration by Michelle Rene Goodhew

Quick Character Sketch


by Michelle Rene Goodhew