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5 Ideas That Will Motivate You to Write

If you’re a writer then you know what it is to have down times, times where you don’t produce any writing at all.

It could be any number of things that gains your attention and leaves the task of writing on the back-burner. Work, school, kids, depression or a frantic schedule can all take priority over your writing goals.

If you’re looking for ideas that will motivate you to get some writing accomplished immediately, then these tools might work for you.

The Usual Advice

I recently started a second job, full time, that seemed to eat up any spare time I had for writing. There were better things to do with my spare time like just unwind… zone out after a busy day. I lacked motivation because I was tired and my mind wasn’t into being creative.

I wasn’t meeting my goals with my writing and readers of my blog were starting to ask questions, wondering where I’d disappeared to. I stared at a blank screen more than once without a clue what to write about, and unable to muster my creativity.

Finally, I did what writers do and went in search of ideas on how to get motivated. All of the tools I came across seemed to be the same ones I’ve heard time and time again that just don’t seem to always work for me personally. But they deserve to be mentioned…

  1. Set aside a regular time to write.
  2. Find a good place to write and stick to it.
  3. Set a writing quota.
  4. Show up.
  5. Minimize distractions.
  6. It’s okay to write like crap.

Like I said, these are some great bits of advice, but not always enough to get most of us writing right now….

5 Tools to Get You Writing Now!

I find that keeping to the basics makes it easier to get back to writing right now, to bust through the writer’s block.


Use what you know. For me, getting some words into my writing quota means looking into my thoughts and seeing what’s lingering there. What’s on my mind – take what’s on your mind and use it to your writing advantage. If your working on a book, you can write a single scene, even if it’s out of sync. If you’re posting to your blog, you can use what’s on your mind to develop some interesting content for your readers. Using what’s in the forefront of your thoughts brings more passion into your writing because it’s what’s most important to you right now.


Research an idea. If nothing in your head appeals to your creativity or seems to be enough to spark the motivation to write, then try surfing the web for articles that interest you. The bonus involved is that you can take the time to visit your network and see what they’ve had to say lately. Chances are, what you read will get your creativity brewing.


Brainstorm for ideas and structure. Once you’ve got a basic thought to drive you, start brainstorming that general theme and find your own fresh take on it. The conclusions you come to are the basis of content creation. If you don’t find the theme useful now, save what you write for a future date.


Create an outline. Take the general themes or conclusions you’ve come to and get constructive by creating a few outlines. Even just a few bullet points that generalize your idea are enough to serve as motivators for writing. Just fill in the blanks.


Stop what you’re doing and start writing. I find that 90% of the battle sometimes is just starting to type. I remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect and how good it always feels to get some writing done. So this is basically a repeat of the usual advice…show up. Sit down and just start, even if it’s just rambling at first until you find something worth writing about. Getting some words on paper will break the ice and works to get you back into a regular rhythm of writing.

Staying Motivated

Most importantly, when it comes to having accomplished a creative goal like writing, is to reward yourself. It doesn’t matter if you dislike what you produced of if the work was phenomenal, reward tricks your brain into creating a habit. So find a simple way to reward yourself for your efforts.

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