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Come See My New Logo Designs!

NLD copy

I had the opportunity recently to design a few logos for some online courses.

My client, Peter Clark Nelson, is a heart-centered business consultant who has some great new courses coming out this summer. When he asked me to design some special logos for him I was thrilled, because the style he was looking for completely resonates with me. It’s a style of artwork that I’ve always wanted to try my hand at but never got the chance until now.

When he asked me to design some special logos for him I was thrilled, because the style he was looking for was one I had wanted to try for a long time now.

Check them out below!


I’m so happy with the way these turned out and so is Peter. In fact, he’s asked me to design a set of Oracle cards for business oriented people, using the sacred geometry theme. I can’t wait to get started šŸ™‚

Here is a link to Peter’s profile where he shares some wonderfully uplifting and inspirational content:







I’m getting close to publishing my book and shooting for a tentative date of May 1st. The excitement is really building. I am in the middle of edits and creating video tutorials that will be included in the ebook and referenced in the paperback.

The book is fully illustrated to demonstrate design concepts and theory. I’ve worked hard to keep the information you’ll find straightforward and useful.

I have beta readers and a content editor going over it now which is just awesome! Ā I’ve gotten feedback on the first chapterĀ and it was fantastic!

Huge thanks to

Peter Clark Nelson,

JulainaĀ Kleist-Corwin,


Dawn Lewis!

Spoiler Alert!

This first chapter starts off where it counts, Author Branding. I explain the process and provide easy to follow exercises to assist the readerĀ in defining their brand as a whole. Covering these basics will help the reader define what their brand looks like. It will help them create a theme and style guide they will follow across their author platforms with all their author graphics.

Back to Work!

There’s still ton’s of work to do and I’m doing my best to balance my book with my work as a designer. I’ll have new cover designs to share with you on Monday šŸ™‚

My book will be free in ebookĀ format on Amazon for the first three days after its launch!

Thanks for all of your support!