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New Character Painting 007

Character 007 Painted 3 small

These girls are my first round of character paintings for Stuart Harper’s new book “The Lost and the Drowned” due to be published sometime this winter. Its a Young Adult Dark Victorian story about a pair of orphan sisters up against an otherworldly force. I enjoyed reading it and was excited to be working with Stuart again. I illustrated the cover of “Death on the Empress” for him last year.



In an alternate Britain, where airships rule the skies, fourteen year old Oliver has started his dream job; travelling the world in the largest airship ever built. But when a priceless jewel is stolen, a passenger plummets to their death and an ancient curse strikes the ship, everyone onboard is thrown into mortal danger. But is there more going on than meets the eye? Only Oliver can solve the deadly mystery on board The Empress.

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I am going to redraw and paint the new characters for the upcoming book because the didn’t turn out the way I envisioned them.

Before Sketch

Character 007 sketchCopyright 2015


Cover Reveal


So excited to reveal this cover I illustrated for Stuart Harper’s “Death on the Empress,” a children’s mystery for ages 8 to 11.
It’s been so much fun reading this great story and working on bringing these characters to life.
This book is well worth the read at any age. It made me feel like a kid again.
Stuart is a fantastic writer who keeps the energy and suspense going clear to the end. I already miss the characters 😦

by Michelle Rene Goodhew

Character Reveal

Just finished painting the character of ‘Oliver’ for Stuart Harper’s upcoming book “Death on the Empress”

'Oliver' from the book "Death on the Empress" written by Stuart Harper, illustrated by Michelle Rene Goodhew
‘Oliver’ from the book “Death on the Empress” written by Stuart Harper, illustrated by Michelle Rene Goodhew