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If you’re a speaker, an author, or a blogger, you probably have the need to promote yourself and your services in a way that attracts new clients. Here’s where a shiny presentation sheet comes in very handy.

When To Use Your Presentation Sheet

  • Take your one sheet to trade shows, conferences, and presentations.
  • Include it with proposals and invoices.
  • Make it a downloadable PDF from your website.
  • Send the one-sheet as an attachment via email or provide a link to the online PDF prior to meeting with someone.
  • Leave your one-sheet with referral sources or prospects after the initial meeting as a leave-behind.
  • Mail your one-sheet to clients to remind them of your services, especially if you create a new version.
  • Email or mail your one sheet to the media to showcase your expertise.
  • Include your one-sheet with proposals and reports.
  • Place your one-sheets in the back of the room during your presentations.

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With the Presentation Sheet package, I will work with you to create a pdf that will attract, inform, and sell you as an author or speaker.

I will contact you within 24 hours of your deposit to discuss your project.

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